Sammi’s weekender #158: downpour

I like beer and I like wine,
I like music, art, women, and raunchy poems
I like puppy dogs and kittens, and
I like friendly horses
and old goats like me.

I like to walk, and I like rain. No.
I love rain. The shattering thunder
of torrential bliss soaking my body
in orgasmo-epic proportions
of precipitating pleasure.

The French like to say, it’s like a pissing cow
as downpours of rain create life,
It’s like Bob Marley said,
“Some people feel the rain,
others just get wet.”

Look both ways and feel the rain, the music, and life.
Mind the gaps between drops. Breathe there.

11 thoughts on “Sammi’s weekender #158: downpour

  1. Nicely felt writing. My brother always said (concrete mason) a double cunted cow pissing in a flat rock. I’ve never forgotten that. Now you won’t either

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    1. I’ve heard the ‘cow pissing on a flat rock rock’ part from my wife who got it from her parents. But your right about the new parts. I can’t unread it. 🙂

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  2. Dear Bill,

    Loved loved loved this! And don’t some of us really relish being wet. 😉 I am saving the Bob Marley line. So true. I’ll join you and Dale for a dance in the rain. 😀



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