Poetry: The Extinction of Humanity

I feel helpless and hopeless
watching a world full of people
essentially committing suicide.

To say it’s a crazy world is not good enough.
Nature will in some way survive,
planet Earth will go on without us.

We have most of the wisdom and insight
to tweak life and existence from Her,
but we will not, and I can’t fix it.

Self-annihilation through denial,
ironically seeking a better life
believing what is bad is in fact good.

Deceptions. Mortality sings only a dirge,
cries of lament over what might have been.
Humanity: another great failed experiment.

Consider all options and look both ways.
Find and mind the gaps for the science of truth.

4 thoughts on “Poetry: The Extinction of Humanity

  1. Just now read and absorbed this one, Bill. It does indeed feel as if humanity is on a self-destruct course, with the pendulum swinging so far to the right (what irony in that term) that it will freeze there and destroy nature and civilization in the process. Bleak. At least some of us can take refuge for the time being in poetry and the other arts.

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    1. “I guess every form of refuge has its price” (Frey/Henley/Eagles). Been buying art supplies this week, so I’m paying the price. 🙂 Thanks, Marilyn.


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