Po’ Poetry – Blatant Babble

This is the first of two unpolished, stream of consciousness poems without form or structure. It’s a mental rant I experienced. I can’t explain it, other than to say I was in the kitchen when the thoughts hit me like three pissed off Muses. I went to my computer and wrote them. I think it is a poor man’s poem, thus the Po’.


Good enough is not more shit of a leader’s pass, or the lesser of a prompt leading to a dump. Enough. Is it done? Submittable? Ready to rock primetime or roll in a sty? A thought, a dot, to words and to arms, concludes with brains on pages to be sniffed up into minds with more thoughts and dots. Or, not to be. More snot than thought. Did sniff think shit don’t stink? Good enough is a lie that will have to do because this the tragic end-point that leads to death by less than. What then? Bless the sweet little pickled brain of poisonous brine leaking worthy words of wisdom. Applause. I came, I saw, I failed; I came again, I dumped, they cried. It stinks. It’s good enough. Let it go. Unforgiven consciousness of the unconscionable!

 ©Bill Reynolds 12/13/2018


Look both ways with random thoughts.
Be mindful of blatant babbling gaps.
Good enough?

7 thoughts on “Po’ Poetry – Blatant Babble

  1. I like what bubbled up, Bill. Zen Buddhists might say it’s the product of the monkey mind. If so, the monkeys got it right.

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    1. Oh, lawdy. Did I ever tell you about the time when I had the music blasting and driving down the road singing my heart out, when my wife looks over at me and says, “Please don’t.”
      The Southern Baptist Convention would not accept me due to my inability to sing and excessive drinking.
      (Just kidding abut the religion, but wife really did that. – LOL)

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      1. Sounds like we both carry the same tune. I’m not a good singer ( or guitarist) but for the amount of time I have in it I should be a pro. I just like it for me I guess. My wife says the same thing when I sing Native American tunes and play my tambours.

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  2. Sometimes dumping a stream of consciousness out into the universe is just what ya need! Kind of a karmic resetting of the mind, in this mystic’s opinion. I rathered liked your rant 🙂

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