Poetry – NaPoWriMo: Reflections Of…

I’m ditching part of the NoPoWriMo, day five, “optional” prompt (assignment?), cuz I dunna get it. It is to write a poem that “reacts both to photography and to words in a language not your own.” I have enough trouble with English.

Instead, I wrote to a photo of a mirror and an essay, both very much my own. You can read the essay by clicking here. I need to credit Yolonda (meh wifey) for this inspiration to write a poem based on that piece which has been judged both the best and the worst thing I have written.

I also found inspiration in music by (click on group’s name for hyperlink to song) The Supremes, Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks, and The Marmalade.


Reflections Of…

When I turned around you were there
Your reflection of my life as then
You came with my world, my now
Through you I saw I, as am, right here

Yet, you reflect the landslide
Of my life – as I lived – you watched
You magically mirrored my memory
Through you I see, I was, back then

Reflections of, I see in you, all my days
Crazy love and my crazy ways
Ways life used to be, my reality
Memories. No wasted times
…or wasted lives

Mirrored days of my sorrows
Hoped for betta’ ‘morrows
Now life’s a changing
Reflections rearranging

Memories in my mirror,
Birth, life,
only death

(Bill Reynolds, 4/5/2018)

Use the mirror but look both ways too.
Mind the god of the gaps.

Click link to National Poetry Writing Month


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