Nano Rebel – Dream On

2016 Nano ends at midnight next Wednesday. I’m passing 48 of the 50K goal today, so I’ll meet the challenge this weekend. However, as anyone who writes knows, there is much more for me to do.


For the past four weeks, my life has been like this: up between 5 and 8 AM, plan to write, but read the news, read and answer emails, look at my memoir and plan some more. But I only write a little. Look at Facebook and write some snarky comments there, read some blogs, go for a walk while listening to music for about an hour; return, eat, stretch, talk to wife, and finally begin to write.

Following an hour of writing; take a break, eat more, get coffee, then back to writing. After pushing out about a thousand words, take a long break and do more useful and constructive things like doing dishes, replacing light bulbs, talking to neighbors, and reading. I write more in the late afternoon and evening with interruptions for football, NCIS, or Blue Bloods. It seems to have worked because I’ve averaged almost 2,000 words each day.

musing1But this memoir – the thinking, remembering, musing, pulling out old photos, doing ancestry research, looking for old friends and finding some, but reading obits of others — it’s so different because it is about me and people who’ve affected my life. Learning and writing about myself every day is interesting for a guy who disliked writing about himself.

Writing fewer words on this blog so you can listen to the song and see the lyrics that say it for me: Dream On, by Aerosmith.



Half my life
Is books, written pages
Live and learn from fools and
From sages
You know it’s true, oh
All these feelings come back to you….

musing3“Sing with me, sing for the years, sing for the tears.”

We dream on, love on, live on;
but look both ways and mind the gaps.


5 thoughts on “Nano Rebel – Dream On

  1. Indeed, the gaps are where you can get lost, sometimes forever

    You’ve done well, and seem to have a good writing rhythm. No real pressure on yourself, just write and then get far away from it for awhile.

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  2. I’ve been trying to get back to writing. All I can say at the moment is that I have been really productive in just about every other part of my chores than writing. All sorts of things I’ve been putting off have gotten done 🙂

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    1. isnt it wonderful how many floors get washed/painted, how much wallpaper gets hung or closets cleaned, all in the name of “oh golly I have to do that before…” so it’s not a total loss. Sometimes I do it in reverse–right now Im supposed to be making curtains for the entire house. Solution? Write, instead.

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  3. That song…..almost made me cry. Perfect. Having attempted memoir myself I know all too well where the journey takes you when you look back on your life. It’s a journey everyone should take at some point. Congrats on your Nano stats! You got this!

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