Friday Fictioneers for November 4th, 2022

For the first Friday (or is it Wednesday?) of this November in the year twenty-twenty-two, our Princes of Purple Passion and fantastic facilitator of fictioneers, her regal wonderfulness, Rochelle, has drawn and dealt to us a photo by Brenda Cox with which we are to stimulate our personal fictional muses to compose, each of their own, a story and all its parts within the lane lines of one-hundred words.

To check the map and find your way, click on Brenda’s pic for a ride into the center of Rochelle’s blog, where growing-up is optional and all the whys and wherefores a laid down. The first story of the week sets the example.


Genre: Clutch Fiction
Title: Run, Rabbit, Run
Word Count: 100


After killing the eighty-year-old PM, two morons, graduates of the Come and Take It Academy of Finer Creative Conspiracies, ran to the getaway car.

Louie said, “Great green color, Shell. Easy to find. You are smart.”

“I’m Shellby, Louie. Pass me the car key.”

Louie handed Shellby the key. The doors were locked. “Where’s the clicker thing?”

“Just use the key in the door handle.” When both doors were unlocked, they bumped heads getting in.”

“Uh oh, man. Unless you know how to drive a stick shift, we got a big problem. They didn’t teach clutching use at the academy.”


Look both ways.
As they say, see and be seen.
Mind the gaps and plan well for your great escape.

Click the tee shirt to read more inspired stories related to the prompt.


I cannot think of an escape without recalling this movie.

28 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers for November 4th, 2022

  1. Ha, not the brightest duo. We have the opposite over here, most drive ‘stick’, with automatics the exception – always amusing to see the American puzzlement with changing gears! 😉

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  2. Dear Bill,

    They say if sense was common, we’d all have some. This made me laugh out loud. I cling tenaciously to my “Millenial anti-theft device” ie stick shift. I love my little standard. Although driving loaner cars when mine’s in the shop is always a challenge. I’ve nearly put myself through the windshield when stopping. The break and clutch do not have the same function. Ah such is life.
    At any rate, I enjoyed your story, as always. 😀



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    1. Thank you, Rochelle.

      Knowing how to drive a standard shift should be required. Anyway, that’s my opinion. 🙂

      Even my motor scooter is twist and go. Oh, well.



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  3. Love this! Those 2CVs don’t have a normal ‘stick shift’, it’s a push-pull one that sticks out from under the dashboard. I used to sell them and more often than not first-time drivers would engage reverse instead of first and shoot backwards!

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  4. I learned to drive on a stick shift. So glad for that. Learning to drive an automatic was easy. I really enjoyed your story, but your clip made me want to watch “The Great Escape” again. What a great movie 🙂

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