Sammi’s Weekender #281 (collywobbles)

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Military life.
Peacetime stress
Or my wartime best.

Moving out then in.
New jobs, schools, friends
Constant competition.

Packing. Unpacking.
Family problems.
Endless evaluations.

Learning. Testing.
Being shit-hot and healthy
Or you’re done.

Physicals. Mandatory fun.
Sober intoxication.
Rules and regulations.

Uniforms, salutes, and guns.
Safety from idiot pilots.

Collywobbles introduced
ER quackery who saw
An alcoholic perforated ulcer.

Another med school moron.
Are we having fun yet?

Look both ways and hope for the best. Be a windshield when you’re not the bug.
Mind the gaps, aches, and pains as each has message for the observant.



13 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #281 (collywobbles)

  1. I cannot even fathom what the life of a soldier is like (or an army brat for that matter, either).
    But I love what you did here.
    And thanks for the clip. Would you believe I’ve never seen this movie?

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    1. Thank you, Dale.
      I cannot fathom it either. That’s why I joined the Air Force. (kidding)
      When I think back about what a pain in the ass it was, the constant pressure, and all of it, it was exciting and probably worth it. 🙂
      In my opinion, that clip is the best part of that movie. I have not watched it in many years.

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      1. Hahaha! You card!
        A friend of mine was in the army for shits and giggles – she wanted to live an experience so at the age of 28 or 29 joined up. She loved it and then was done I think five or six years later? She ended up being air traffic control.
        From what I heard, that it is!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you, Ma’am. Which card am I?

        Air Traffic Control is interesting and a challenge, from what I’ve heard. But they saved my ass more than once. 🙂


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