Friday Fictioneers for August 12th 2022

Mistress Rochelle shuffled her photo deck and dealt us a Roger Bultot metro scene to provoke our creative juices with a New York state of mind. This one mused up too many stories for one day, in this case a pair of Ragin’ Cajuns in the Empire State. If you can gin up a microburst of fewer than 101 words, click on Roger’s pic to sky over to Rochelle’s blog and get the lay of the land. Come play with us. This is fun.

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Genre: Fan Fiction
Title: Look Both Ways
Word Count: 100


Philippe say, “Look. Two one-way signs pointing opposite ways. That says STOP ALL WAY. We ain’t in N’Orlins no-more, bro. Nothin’ make no sense.”

I replied, “It’s New York, Bubba. See dat church fence, windows barred, that shop covers windows—tagged.”

The lady across the street walked toward us. There was a loud screech of tires—then a scream. Everyone ran.

“Call 911. Dat lady got run over.”

He called. “Shit man. WTF?”

I sez, “She was reading my blog. Walked into the street before she read my postscript.”

“How you know dat, mista Bill?”

“She didn’t look both ways.”


Look both ways, even on one-way streets.
Mind the gaps on sidewalks
and don’t read my blog crossing streets
if you’re in a New York State of Mind.


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48 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers for August 12th 2022

  1. Dear Bill,

    Love the dialogue. I’ll try to remember to follow your advice to look both ways when crossing the street. These days one might need to look, not only both ways, but behind and forward. Then DUCK!



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  2. i can truly understand this in any town, there are so many people fixated on their devices. They must have wide-angle vision as they don\t appear to look up. Recently, in UK, the code has been changed where drivers MUST give way to pedestrians at junctions. Playing ‘frogger’ on the streets has changed, hitting pedestrians is no longer allowed.

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  3. I can’t believe how slow I am this week to get to reading these stories (Morning Papers might be a tad too time-consuming 😉 )

    This was great fun to read. Peeps should know bettah in New Yawk to stay alert!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, well… this is a participatory challenge and you know I like to do my share… Just having oodles of trouble this week. I’ll probably skip next week and almost definitely the following – since I will be away…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hey… a long-distance love affair requires travel… It will be four months since we were last together… 😉 Why did I have to fall for a damn Yank?

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