Sammi’s Weekender #270 (jamboree)

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Tanta Belleza

En la ciudad Mexicana de San Antonio, Texas,
Fiesta: eleven April days and nights of wild jamboree
fiestas where diversity is celebrated with parades galore,
like the Battle of the Flowers with royalty;
titled Queen of the Alamo, the Charro Queen,
King Antonio, or King El Rey Feo in his royal ugliness of medieval rivalry,
there’s a Queen of Soul, and La Reina de la Feria de las Flores,
everywhere you’ll find dancing and music, muchos happy people,
if large crowds are your taza de tequila.

Look at crowds both ways for the fun within the melee.
Mind the gaps for the light-fingered chaps.

A fun time. Take the bus. It is always packed. Click the pic if you want to know more.

18 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #270 (jamboree)

    1. I can relate, Peter. Hell, they cannot arrest us all. This is so packed that it is a public transportation only event. My kids have gone, but I cannot handle shoulder-to-shoulder when I am sober. 🙂

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      1. No doubt. I probably would have played a lot more had I not been stupid and moved in with a boyfriend (when I was 21 and until I woke up at 26) who had a kid that stayed with us every fucking weekend.

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  1. Fiesta! Enjoyed this great poem of yours. We’re about a day’s drive north, have been to SA several times but have missed out not going during their Fiesta (yet). What fun it’ll be when we do!

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