Sammi’s Weekender #257 (luminous)

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Ominous luminosity

Nearby outside, a dark
electricity filled night
jarred us with
thunderous raging lightning.

Saint Elmo’s fire
danced and filled our cockpit
with ominous luminosity
from Palpatine,
to our fearless distress.

Look both ways for distress travels any direction.
Mind the gaps as you let the force be with you.

Note: Palpatine (Darth Sidious) was the name of the Emperor in the Star Wars movies.

18 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #257 (luminous)

      1. I sounds worse than it was. When you have a job to do, while concerned, you just do it. Things came out okay, but lawdy what a night. 🙂

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      2. No feeling. We were not electrically grounded. Although St. Elmo’s is an indication of a pending lightning strike, that did not happen either.


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