Sammi’s Weekender #255 (lexicon)

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Poets’ Lexicon.

One must have lexicon to poem.
Language to arrange words right.
Poet’s lingo contains abundant terms
shared with the world of writing
like style, voice, or tone. Words,
as Mary Oliver said, “If words were only words…”

We need to learn vernacular and forms;
The Rules of the Dance, poetry handbooks to
comprehend values of meter: monometer,
pentameter, and octameter.

Toeless feet with iamb, trochee, and dactyl.
How often does one see a spondee running free?
Books by Packard, Turco, Oliver,
and more for poetics.

Look both ways as you dip you pen into the poet’s ink.
Mind the gaps as there is so much to learn about the plethora of poetry terms.

14 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #255 (lexicon)

  1. Wonderfully done, my poet friend!
    I shall stick to the formless, less restrictive type of poetry (except when I am feeling masochistic and decide to try one…)

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  2. A textbook use of the word lexicon, Bill! I particularly enjoyed the same lines as quoted writingwhatnots but the whole thing is very clever. And you’re doing NaPoWriMo too, I see! It’s definitely keeping me on my toes, I must say.

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