NaPoWriMo April 2022 Day 10

Click the button for Day 10 Prompt page and links to other love poems.

For my tenth poem, I was to write a love poem. For one (me) who claims to be a poet, one does not simply attack such a piece flippantly. Love: the emotion, the action, the verb or the noun, the feeling of many flavors, the subject and object, the best and worst of it, new love, old love, love lost, love grown; all must be considered with many more meanings. Inspiration is essential. The multitude of other love poems and songs all dare us to comply and try for better. To seek the illusive meaning of the feeling.

I’m just saying, while I’ve written many (not all romantic love poems), and I know other poets who write exclusively love poems, I write comparatively few because I don’t like crowds. But today, it is my sacred NaPoWriMo duty to let love be written. “So let it be written, so let it be done.”

I Know This is So

I know the room gets no brighter when you walk in
but I can see better,
I know my heart does not skip beats when I see you
but my monitor tells me it’s beating faster,
I know nothing really changes when you are with me
but my soul calls out to be a better me,
I know the sound of your voice is not really music
but hearing it makes me want to dance,
I know that this burning fire is a huge risk
but I feel safe when I am with you,
I know the world is an anxious place right now,
but if you were in everyone’s world
I know words like love and peace
would be the action verbs of happiness.

Look both ways but dance with the danger of love.
Mind the gaps but feel the feels and take your chances.

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