Sammi’s Weekender #247 (flummox)

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Taboo to Torched

Frightened by arrogant kens against freedom,
shocked by hubris karens of hyperbole,
flummoxed by fiddling fascist Boards,
saddened as lone librarians dodge discovery,
humbled by youth’s perseverance;
I ponder and cry, with my personal pride,
I stand wondering why, ready to satirize.


Look both ways as you war against the lunacy of banned books.
Mind the gaps and detest book burning and the dark side of religious fanaticism.


21 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #247 (flummox)

  1. Indeed, Bill. Despite the solemn message, this line tickled me: “shocked by hubris karens of hyperbole.” They can’t burn the digital copies though, and the printer too will print again. Enjoyed this 🙂

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  2. You are so very clever, Bill. I love your wordsmithing (thank you, Keith).
    This was so very good.
    And bizarrely, reminded me of “Reading Lolita in Tehran” by Azar Nafisi…

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      1. The pleasure is mine, Bill. It’s so funny. I had just finished “Anna Karenina” (hated it). We were in Daytona (Mick had a POP eye show and I had lots of time to kill). I perused the shelves of a bookstore and there was this book “Dinner with Anna Karenina” by Gloria Goldreich. I thought, oh hell naw. I kept looking and gravitated back towards it. It’s the story of a woman’s book club. One of the book choices was actually two: Lolita and Reading Lolita in Tehran. So I did, too. Did not regret it for a second.

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      2. I will be reading it soon. I am finishing up an audiobook (The Poets’ Corner by John Lithgow) and will start Reading Lolita in Tehran today or tomorrow. The weather here has turned wonderful. WTF? eh?

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      3. Oooh… And, how is John Lithgow? You’ve piqued my interest. I am trying to delay finishing West With the Wind because I hate to see it go…
        Lucky you! It has turned here, as well. We are at a “balmy” 27℉ – feels like 16… Still, double digits on the positive side of things is not a bad thing, right?

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      4. A lady suggested it at my writer’s zoom meeting, and she insisted on the audio book.

        I enjoy learning about the poets and most of the readings. (I don’t like ALL the poems.)
        Lithgow’s vice is magnifico and he reads masterfully, but many others read poem as well. All are excellent.

        I used one of my audible credits on it and I am glad I did.
        Now, I shall go for a walk and that will probably finish it off. But, yep. I want more. 🙂

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      5. See, poetry is not a style I would take for an audio book. Though I can easily imagine Lithgow’s voice as being magnifico.

        You’ve reminded me I have 2 credits. What to choose next?

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      6. I did finish it. I enjoyed it for me, but I cannot suggest it for everyone. I still have my second credit, so I am also pondering. Let me know what you decide on.

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      7. There’s always West With the Night 😉 Which I just finished. Waaaahhhhh! What next? I’m not sure. Decisions, decisions… As I read Beloved eons ago and a friend is planning on starting a sort of banned book club and that was her first choice, I just might choose that.

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