Sammi’s Weekender #229 (caboodle)

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It’s All Just Stuff

Measure married history
with social mobility
and acquired caboodle from:

Abilene to Ankara, Turkey,
then back with bounty
to College Station.
Then Woodville.
Then Abilene again,
and on to Del Rio.

Sacramento before
Fort Worth,
then to Guam
for booty from China Pete’s,
Korea, and South Pacific trips.
Back to SAC,
then to San Antonio.

Edmund, Oklahoma,
and Albany, Texas preceded
San Antonio’s redux.

Florida came before Seattle.
Georgetown with another
van of encumbrances.
And memories….

Look both ways for what was and will be.
Count blessings, mind gaps, and cherish memories.
Measure happiness and adventure carefully.


23 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #229 (caboodle)

      1. I had a two careers with the Department of Defense. These were long term assignments. After three years in a place, I can get antsy to move. 🙂

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    1. These were long term assignments, but yes. Most is now gone, sold for a bit of its value. One man’s treasure becomes another man’s trash.


  1. Bill,
    Enjoyed “stuff and memories” hop, skip, and jump tour around the world! College Station, TX? Had a friend who went to vet school thereabouts! We’ve moved around a good bit too. Putting down roots, whether we wanted to put them down or not, was never in the works.

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    1. Yes, Dora, Texas A&M is at College Station and has the College of Veterinary Medicine for the state. I started out pre-vet, but soon realized (as I had been forewarned) that acceptance chances were low (better chances with medical school). I quickly changed majors.

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  2. Wow! Now that is a LOT of moving around! Lordy, such a dull life I’ve lead! You military people do get moved around a lot 😉 My sister’s neighbour is a helicopter pilot for the Canadian military. He finally retired and is very happy to have been in the same house for the past 10 years or so. I imagine one gets used to it (or resigns to it?)

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    1. On of my favorite Canucks was (we worked together) Major Charlie Rogers. Type A, but fun and funny guy. I think Charlie was the first person to make me envious of Canadians. He once told me that we Yanks were naïve about guns. I think he was right. 🙂 I tried to get an exchange assignment to Winnipeg many times, but it never worked out.

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      1. I suppose I’ll never know. You can tell from the places I’ve been that I avoided what we called the “northern tier” assignments (Dakotas, Michigan, Ohio, NY, Maine, etc.). Two things I do not plan to ever own are a lawn mower (again) and a snow shovel. 🙂 I need to see if I can find old Charles. 🙂

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      2. Haha! Lucky for you, you were able to avoid such climes 😉
        And I can’t say I blame you. I have to shovel a walkway and that is more than enough. My grass (sad as it is) is being replaced by a xeriscape garden – which means zero grass…
        You should try 🙂

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      3. All my lawn and garden needs are taken care of (for a price) by a neighborhood service, which I like. I have limited options due to the “Stepford wives” controlled community we live in. When we get snow or ice (very rare), we wait. It melts.
        My Canada travel included Vancouver (by train), Niagara Falls a few times, and Montreal. Never during winter. 🙂

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      4. That is excellent. I have to grown-ass men (sons) living with me. Who do you think shovels the walkway? The driveway is taken care of by a service. The lawn is in a sorry state and hardly grows though occasionally they actually (shocker) pass the lawnmower.
        Vancouver – even in winter doesn’t hurt. Niagara Falls somewhat and Montreal, fuggedaboutit! But they are all lovely to visit 🙂

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      5. Yep.

        When my sons visit, depending on which one, we usually do a project or two.

        I just realized that my avatar picture of me is standing on a rock outcropping from Goat Island looking across the falls to Canada. Last time I was there.

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      6. 🙂

        That’s lovely. My husband had started involving them but unfortunately died before instilling more good habits…

        How cool is that?

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