dVerse Poetry: OLN, “Just Sayin'”

Thanks to Lillian for hosting the bar and suggesting OpenLinksNight for favorite sayings. Mine was by Eric Hoffer, “The search for happiness is one of the chief sources of unhappiness.” My poem gently follows that theme.

What do I want?

What do I want?
And you, the same?

Everlasting life?
Perfect existence?

Is it happiness?
What exactly is that?

Heath and wealth
Both common goals

But is there more?
What is enough?

Love, perhaps, or
in my perfect world?

Let’s compare notes.
You show me yours

And I’ll show you mine,
In the balance it hangs

Every important thing
about life and time.

What do you want?
And, for me, the same?

Look both ways for love and opportunity, but look within for love.
Mind the gaps for unhappy steps.

30 thoughts on “dVerse Poetry: OLN, “Just Sayin'”

  1. Very philosophical and beautifully entwined with lovely imagery to describe the wants throughout life. Everyone has different expectations and to compare them to find those differences is a realistic step to make love or a relationship work. In essence, being on the same page seems to be a major theme in this piece. Great work here. I enjoyed reading it very much!


    1. Oh wow. Yes indeed. I have never regretted being the one who held it all together. More relationships than love, but I did my best. Thank you for saying so.

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  2. Wise words, Bill. Sadly, love is not always enough. Shared values, respect and trust are essential for a successful relationship. We live, we learn, we grow as we go😊 Be well.

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