Poetry: Pleasing Ghosts

Sounds, like blessed drops
falling as heavenly clouds
grace Earth and bless my ear.

Rhythm now a bit more than
gentle drops of above
playing ecosystem tunes
– distant thunder.

Doves silent in trees, other birds
sit quietly in Mother’s shower
(they’ll return),

The sounds of tires rolling wet
on water, splashing in puddles,
trailing droplet ghosts,
and pleasing me.

Look both ways in rain or sun.
Mind the gaps but enjoy spaces between drops.

8 thoughts on “Poetry: Pleasing Ghosts

      1. I love to sit under a covered porch in the rain, thunder and lightening included! Of course, if it starts feeling too close, I move inside!
        It rained here, finally, but no dancing was had, unfortunately. I was not able to get out into it. 🙂

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      2. We have rain forecast beginning this next weekend and continues for about 6 days. Summer rain in TX can be brutal, but if I can get out in it, I’m going.

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