Poetry: Sammi’s Weekender #165 (cavalier)

The Cavalier

Never been there,
but I’d like to go
to The Cavalier
in East Austin.

Located across an Interstate
divide, from the University of Texas
proper and the rotund
Texas State Capitol building.

In the
other side of town,
from the Colorado River,
to no farther than
State Highway 111.

It’s real weird as Austin.
No more impulsive days
of let’s go
check it out.

Look both ways driving through Austin, both east and west.
Mind the gaps, the differences, and the history.


Here is the link to them.

10 thoughts on “Poetry: Sammi’s Weekender #165 (cavalier)

    1. With the current health concerns, there is no ‘the’ place. Austin is too crowded anyway.
      But, in Austin, 6th Street (not a place, but a whole street of them) used to be ‘the’ place. I found that bars, drunks, drug dealers, and bad music got old. This place looks cool. I’d try it.

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  1. Dear Bill,

    You took an unexpected direction. Sounds like it might have been a happening place. At any rate, I enjoyed this. Swim on, my lap buddy!
    (I’m late to the party this week).



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    1. Nice to see you, Rochelle, late or not.
      I don’t know how many such places will survive. I would go visit The Cavalier if it was safe. It’s not, even though they only have outdoor patio dining.
      Oh, they closed our pool(s) again due to virus concerns (Texas) and the vulnerability of the our population (55+). I had just gotten my rhythm back.

      Be well, and Peace,

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