Poetry: Famous Shit Float

Not since Mobile Bay’s view
of the infamous Poop Cruise ship
(2013 docked view from I-10)
have I joined thousands on
a wasteful float to who-cares where,
doing nothing to be in the
vulnerable middle of
a watery nowhere.

Cruise food may be good
and if you are looking
for the ten pounds I lost
you may find it there,
but must we live
in postage stamp rooms
with a view of nothing
ever new, to overeat well?

I’m done with cruise line
silliness, getting on and off
and making memories
I’d like to forget,
but I hope not
so much for eating well.


To look both ways, we must know one from the other.
In the middle of truly nowhere, not even the gaps can feed the fish.

6 thoughts on “Poetry: Famous Shit Float

  1. Nicely expressed, Bill. I’ve never had a hankering to take a cruise, and now you’ve provided sound reasons why I’ll continue to keep that experience off my bucket list.

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    1. But if you must, Alaska inside passage runs are okay during the day (you can see). I’ve never done a river cruise, but considered it. I like trains, buses, and cars for casual travel.


  2. What a wonderfully written lamentation. I don’t agree about the food (I hardly find it to be good), but I’m down with a road trip! 😉

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  3. I have no interest, because too many hot places, too many sea monsters, and too many vertigo. (In that order.) However, every time I see those Viking River Cruise commercials, I’m awed by the idea of one beauty after another from my postage stamp balcony.

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    1. I have not experienced a Viking River Cruise. I have considered the Columbia River cruise between WA and OR, (it’s a paddle wheeler) but again, why not drive it?

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