Poetry: Poetry

Some say it is trickery that poets secretly do,
to pretend to understand the incomprehensible
words of each other. Some poets say poetry
should not be easily comprehended, that even
other poets should not see, or the art is not
of the true deep, hidden source of secrecy.

I read poems that lift my spirits, and some
darkens my soul, even with true life and death,
but I feel my eyes squint and my brow push
down to a wrinkled quandary as I try to see,
to find meaning and purpose and message, to
apply the plated words to my taste and be
aware of comprehending and understanding.

Do those of us who love poems love all?
Is every poem ever penned done with message
and purpose that all others, or just some,
might perceive and claim joy found
in the artfulness and clever voice
of the poet who sat and wrote words to read?

© Bill Reynolds 2/14/2019

Look both ways and Happy Valentine’s Day.
Mind the gap, but don’t gape.
O Captain! My Captain!

6 thoughts on “Poetry: Poetry

  1. Some say that poetry was the first philosophy – a means of transferring wisdom from beyond the veil. Others refer to it as a form of art. I think it’s both, and more. Your poem pierced these age old questions which are debated to this very day.
    Thank you for another inspiring poem that has me pondering the nature of poetry and poets before I’ve had my first cuppa coffee ☕️ 😊

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  2. I think it’s art. I don’t like all of it. I like a lot though. Something about honesty, hiding, but revealing. It’s an art. Also, maybe a skosh magic.

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