How do you like me now?

Welcome to my new look. It is my changed blog appearance, also called my WordPress theme. I finally changed after a couple of years of taking about it. I also upgraded my service. I did these things to:

  1. Make reading posts easier and maybe better. Change is good. I envy those of you good at this.
  2. Hide the sidebar (unless you want to click to open it. It’s the three lines at the top, left of Our Literary Journey. I seldom change it). Too much face for me, but I changed it too.
  3. Change the link (domain) address to (the old one still works).
  4. Remove ads inserted by WordPress (not me, I sell nothing), while I may plug or support things.
  5. Keep up with John at, who recently led the way.

The process of selecting a theme was daunting for me because there are so (too) many choices. It took me hours to review them, and narrow my list to eight, then to three, and I finally decided on one called Isola.

Now I will work on making it look semi-descent, but themes are supposed to do that on their own, up to a point. I will try a color background (see?), over time maybe several. Change is the only constant, right?

If something looks funky or doesn’t seem to work right, please drop me comment.

Let’s continue Our Literary Journey as we always look both ways and mind the gaps.

11 thoughts on “How do you like me now?

  1. I’m not sure about the new format yet, Bill. At this point all I see is the current post, with no sidebars or links to anything at all other than the couple of Related posts at the bottom of the page. It may be that I need to figure out my own settings. We’ll see…

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  2. I like the new look, Bill. I’m viewing on my mobile phone so I can’t say how it looks from a tablet or laptop. I like the menu bar at the top. It works well. Also love your new profile picture with the sun shining 😊 Good for you on making the changes!! Have a good week.

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  3. I like it too. I guess I didn’t see the dark background. I thought it was very easy to read. I also liked the banner at the top. Great work!

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