Poetry – Doors

So Many Doors

She hunts ‘em down and shows us
her discovered captured doors.
Posterns aplenty – doors are everywhere.
The doors may be opened or closed,
some’s locked, some ‘er not.

Glass doors, revolving doors,
important doors, cabin doors
and swinging saloon doors,
bathroom doors, stall doors, the hall door,
floor doors are trap doors.

Behind the green door, the red
doors and popular now are black doors.
Front doors lead to back doors,
ugly doors are artful doors.

Metal doors, fire doors, hollow core
doors, broken doors, missing doors
are no more doors, where there
once were doors before.

Doors with windows and windows
that are also doors. French doors.
Decorations for doors, door jewels
with glass knobs, fixtures, matching hardware.
Lions there guarding the doors.

Dead as a doornail on the floor,
cellar doors, creaky and squeaky doors.
Barn doors with no barn,
Pocket doors with no pants,
sliding doors to hide away or rollup doors.

Prison doors, some have bars,
not the kind I like. Old doors
are deco and may be
flat as a bar. Secret hidden doors
or awesome old church doors.

Some DOORS Lit My Fire
till I burned out. Snuffed out doors.
Slamming screen doors,
cupboard or closet doors.

There are doorways and doorjambs,
automatic doors and
handicap doors with buttons.
We got building doors,
bleeding doors and rusty doors.

Doors keep us safe or stand
in our way.
One may be the door to enlightenment
or a blocked door can be
an impediment to progress.
Some doors go nowhere.
Death has a door, they say.

There are doors on gates and
gates that are doors. Car
doors keep us safe but can cause
too much pain.

Doors are portals, trunks, hoods, canopies,
or vaults. Doors what let us in
and doors that keep us out,
Entry and exit doors ignored.

Never thought I’d be pub sitting
sipping a pint o’ porter watching
Cards beat Cubs and writing this
It’s all about doors.

But here I am.
Sitting near the door.
Writing and watching,
for the next cat to come
thru that door.

© Bill Reynolds 8/6/2018

Look both ways passing through life’s doors.
Mind the gaps in the floors near the doors.

24 thoughts on “Poetry – Doors

  1. Beautiful poem, Bill. Doors are a metaphor for so many of life’s openings and closing. And of course there’s always the mystery of what’s behind an unopened door. 👀 I really enjoyed this one😊

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  2. Cleverly done, Bill. You covered the entire gamut of doors and doorways and made me smile all the way to the end. (In other words, I a-doored this one….)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Damn that was good! I loved the turn at slamming doors. Also, “Entry and exit doors ignored.” Preach. You should link back to this on #ThursdayDoors from Norm’s. Or I might.
    Good stuff, Bill!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Don’t know. have to wear a wound vacuum. It sucks, but is a 24/7 noise rattling noise machine. great invention. But damn the constant noise.


  4. LOVE this!! Visiting via Joey and as ArtistPath said, doors are a metaphor for life.

    “missing doors
    are no more doors, where there
    once were doors before”

    This line spoke to me the most. As well as “Prison doors, some have bars,
    not the kind I like.” 🙂

    Good luck with your surgery and hope you have a speedy recovery!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Well done, especially for an old flapdoodle. (See, I read something other than just your poem.) 🙂 Nice to see that the influence of Thursday Doors is spreading. Happy Friday and blessings on your surgery and recovery!


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