A2Z Challenge: T is for Triton

Triton from Greek mythology is a god and the messenger of the sea. He is the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite who are god and goddess of the sea. Triton is often seen as a merman which is a guy mermaid (together known as merfolk or merpeople). Who knew?

Triton carries a trident just like daddy, Poseidon. But Triton’s has a twisted conch shell, which he blows like a trumpet to calm or raise the waves. It sounds so harsh that giants often begin to run away or retreat because they think it’s the roar of a dark wild beast.

An interesting story regarding this god’s pride is that he and other gods were challenged by Misenus, son of Aeolus, to play the conch shell as well as he did. How impertinent, right? Triton drowned his ass for being such a dick, and for making such a foolish challenge. Like I said, these Greek gods are sensitive, so try not to upset them, even if you are one.

Triton was the father of the goddess Pallas, and foster-parent to the goddess Athena. Unfortunately, Pallas was accidentally killed by Athena during a sparring fight between the two goddesses. Good grief! Those goddesses must have had some wild sparring.


At times, Triton has been multiplied into a host of Tritones, satyr-like daimones or spirits of the sea.

In the water, look both ways.
Mind watery gaps.

4 thoughts on “A2Z Challenge: T is for Triton

  1. The Greek Gods were almost lovably vindictive. The drowning of Misenus is just one of many brutal examples but they were so straightforward about it. I would never want to hang out with these guys and gals in real life but in a story, they are amusing.

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