A2Z Challenge: Q is for Qilin

From Chinese mythology we may know about the dragon and the phoenix, but have you heard of the Qilin? As with other mythological animals, the Qilin is composed of different animals. Also, like others, depictions of Qilin have changed over time.

This YouTube video presents it much better than I can. Rather than read my flapdoodle, enjoy the video. It’s only about three and one-half minutes.



Reality or myth, look both ways and mind the gaps.


4 thoughts on “A2Z Challenge: Q is for Qilin

  1. These fantasy creature “mashups” make for some wonderful art! I enjoyed the video with the varying visual interpretation of the Qilin. A majestic mythical creature that is benevolent, wise and a sign of good fortune. We could use a Qilin sighting about now, don’t ya think?

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