Poetry – Eternal Mistress of Darkness

My inspiration.

You were the moon. All this time.
And he was always there for you to make you shine.”

“Was he the sun?”

“No, honey, he was the darkness.”


Darkness was always there
Before firmament formed, she was
Before Earth, Moon, Sun, or Stars.

She was waiting when Chaos came.

Darkness comforts me
My eyes open or closed, her arms around
in sweet and loving tranquil repose.

Touch me softly, my old friend.

More certain she is than the Sun
Who sends burning fire to each day,
With passing twilight she allows
Sun’s return to warm us all.

Before light again warms my soul,
She grants me respite from the day.
She allows my night a chance to rest
In dreams we dance the night away.

As each day ends, she comforts me,
Harbors my soul, balances my heart.

Touch me Darkness when you come,
Grant me peace as you depart.

With resting shadows, I cannot see.
Hold me Darkness, help me mend.

When I’m alone you understand
You are my nature, my old friend.

She gives my spirit a life to spend,
There’s yet Darkness for me to tend.

Grant me courage one more day,
Thank you, Darkness my old friend.

(Bill Reynolds 3/11/2018)


Don’t look both ways, Darkness is everywhere.
In the dark, adjust to see, then mind the gaps.

I like this: “Yet it is far better to light the candle than to curse the darkness.” From a sermon by W. L. Watkinson. I would add, “Better to love the darkness than to light a candle.” It mixes metaphors, but makes a point.


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