S – Sonnet “Seeking the Truth” (NaPoWriMo #22)

This, my first sonnet, was difficult. It was also fun and I learned more about the challenges of writing poetic. I want to work more with meter and rhyme, but now’s not the time.

I attempted to write in the Shakespearean tradition of a sonnet, with 14 lines of 10 syllables each, with a rhyme scheme of abab, cdcd, efef, gg; and the iambic pentameter. Like we all know what that is, right? My humble apologies to the Bard for attempting such a sacred task. 


Seeking the Truth
by Bill Reynolds

In seeking the truth, I require some proof,
My goal to touch some real conclusion.
A quest to discover both reason and truth,
The turning of pages led to confusion.
Noble the search for answers not pallid,
From myth; if I am, then god must be too.
From science we ask, a source that is valid,
From faith of past, must it be now so true?
These are the chains of unfounded mystique.
None of this means any absence of love,
Admit to the truth, there’s no god to seek.
My freedom is not a power above.

I found this truth after seventy years,
Loving all others is more happy cheers.


Look both ways and you’ll see them coming.
Minding the gaps will keep your heart running.

7 thoughts on “S – Sonnet “Seeking the Truth” (NaPoWriMo #22)

  1. for a first sonnet this is more than commendable. Truly. I have several, most of them sweated over until they were screaming for mercy, and just the act of finishing them is/was worth a merit badge.
    color me impressed.
    the internal rhymes must have been a bear, and yes, they do work.

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  2. Bravo! My first and only sonnet took me three weeks to write. You continue to impress! I believe the Bards of old would call this a rite of passage…welcome to the Bardic grade in the Druid tradition 🙂

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  3. Great meme – heh 🙂
    I am still wowed that you can do this with what seems to be such great ease. Personally, I always struggled with sonnets. This is wonderful wording.

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