M – Muse: Magic, Music, Miracles (NaPoWriMo #15)

Things I like include people, almost all of which inspire me in some way; magic which I define as anything science can’t explain, and some things it can. And music. I include things I read, both poetry and prose, both what I agree with and what I do not. I wake with thoughts and ideas, like most folks I know. While this piece implies it comes in the night, I also believe it’s accumulated from the day or days past. You (friends, family, enemies, and strangers) are the source of any inspiration I may have.


Tapping My Muse
by Bill Reynolds

On some dark nights, when tired and sleepy
A wondrous, magical muse comes to me.
With exploits and feelings, some may find creepy
Non-understandings we struggle to see.

Lying in bed, but not quite yet sleeping,
Relaxed, not worried, free of all thought,
My mind is absurd and nothing it’s keeping,
Drifting away, a sleep the sounds brought.

Music starts playing, notes never heard,
On the door of my mind, something is knocking.
Company here now is truly absurd,
To prevent any thoughts, mind I start blocking.

Then with a familiar comfort, I started to purr.
My muse was with me, but I could not see.
Muse was very near, but I could not hear.
Muse magic was upon me, but I could not feel.

The muse was here, as the allure of it concentrates,
It sensed in me clear, and aroma so sweet.
Muse; my dear, my inspiration, and peer,
Mystic and magic so near it captivates,
As my heart surrenders to a softer beat.
I could feel the guidance enter my sphere.

The muse had arrived into my mind,
Drawing me deeper into one miracle spell,
A delightful fascination of wisdom entwined.
The Magic was there as the music played well.

With music, not notes, and voice without sound,
Muse urgently guided me into the verse.
I swayed as it played and I turned all around,
Inspiration is left, and nothing’s the worse.

At the end of my days, I seek for my muse,
I desire the gift, the creation of love.
A synergy of us, returning for truth,
The magic of music, a quest from above.

Look both ways to find your muse.
And mind the gaps.

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