Nonsense Verse Poem: Green Grasshopper

Nonsense verse need not make much sense. This poem almost does, but not quite – maybe it’s organized nonsense. Each word begins with the letter G in six, three-line stanzas, and a closing line. The poem is alliteration on steroids.

Ginko is a tree. A goy is a non-Jew or gentile. Grendel is a monster/antagonist in Beowulf. Gewgaw means showy but worthless. Glozing is making excuses. Ganja is pot, and a grumphy is a pig. Gecking is showing contempt, or screwing over. A gazabos is a person or a guy.

Green Grasshopper
by Bill Reynolds

Green grasshopper: gregarious, gay, Gaelic, gaudy;
Goes glen gallivanting, gnaws grazed grass gastronomically.
Gerbil goes gets Gaia gazpacho, gibes gross grasshopper.

Gigolo gains gizmo, goes global ginkgo. Goy gone gentile.
Grendel grabs grisly, gruesome, guillotine games.

Goodbye goodwill, go gobbledygook goddesses glazing gizzards.

Geezer gets gas, gives general group gross gibberish,
Gropes good girls’ grizzly guy’s gloomy gizmo gear.

Grown guy gets glancing, girdled, gewgaw granny gutted.

Gypsy gains ground glumly, getting grouchy, grumpy, going gray;
Gauzily gashing, gauging glozing, gawking goofy gazelle gumming.
Growing, glowing giraffe goes gawkish, guzzles gimmick ganja.

Grazing glowing greens, grasshopper grabs gorgeous galaxy grumphy.
Grand guffaws galloping, gets geek gecking gazabos.
Grasshopper gets grand gumball gnocchi, gets gut gone grievous.

Gerbil, Gaia gone. Gigolo, goy gone. Grendel, goddesses gone.
Geezer, girls, guys, granny got gone. Gypsy, gazelle, giraffe gone.
Ganja, grumphy, gazabos gone.

Green grasshopper, going, going, gone.

Look both ways, mind the gap, and watch for green grasshoppers.

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