Friday Fictioneers for March 24th, 2023

The queen of Friday Fictioneering and purple lane swimming, the lovely Rochelle, has dealt us a prompt photo from the most awesome Liz Young. With an abundance of humor and joking around, the Queen and her King are chiding us into dealing from our own deck to call or raise a story in fewer than 101 words (beginning, middle, and end).

If you want in on the game, a seat is always open for you. Just shuffle on over to Rochelle’s blog by clicking on Liz’s pic. There you will be cut in on the rules according to her Hoyle-ness, and you may drop your ace story with ours in the inlinkz pot using any ante, wager, or whatever photo pleases you.


Genre: Memoir
Title: Funny Dad
Word Count: 100


Astrid owned the store. I dropped my stuff on a table then went to order.

Her father walked over and told me an Aggie joke.

I glared at him, “Should I laugh now?”

He spewed more insulting chaff. I scowled, “That’s dumber than the first!”

He paid for my order. I insisted she take my money. She refused. Astrid had no choice.

Then he said, “Student loan forgiveness is buying votes.” I dropped my items in the trash and said, “My vote’s not for sale. Don’t quit your day job.”

I haven’t returned. It wasn’t her fault. Dad’s a dick.


Look both ways because none of us choose our parents.
Mind the gaps because our DNA is 99% the same as monkeys.
Sometimes we can tell.

Click on the joke book to find more mad-jokery to read.

34 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers for March 24th, 2023

  1. I had to look up Aggie… It’s not the first time I hear it but I just ignored it. Coz o’ youse, I had to check 😉 And methinks the kid is just a tad too sensitive 😉
    And Iain is right, we find ourselves one day realising that shit! We’ve become our parents!!

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  2. Dear Bill,

    The apples don’t always fall far from the trees. My brother and I’ve both inherited our dad’s rather warped sense of humor. 😉 I ask you, whatever happened to good old elephant jokes?
    Perhaps Astrid’s dad should find another place to spend his time. Thought provoking…or just plain provoking story.



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    1. Hey Rochelle,

      I suppose it depends on who does the joke telling, their intent, and the person listening. I took an quick dislike to the guy. I also need a story for FF.



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  3. My dad used to tell jokes just to be offensive. I think he liked offending people more than he liked laughs. I don’t think he had any issues with any groups of people, but his jokes would give Archie Bunker a run for his money.

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