Monday’s Rune: Into every life…

Privileged Judging

Some cite unfairness, injustices of inequality
when others are born into better but another into less.

Yet both pride and shame rise from elite or proletariat hearts,
be it random common birth, natural placement, or bad seed.

No artist must suffer a lowly soul, in pain from cursed reality or chemical dependence, haunted, as snotty critics bestow their judgement of ironic reverse snobbishness and scorn upon the cleanly washed.

Let demure honestly determine the good in all forms of art and beauty
as critical opine speaks well of all mankind. Let art stand as art.

May wonderous life arise from ashes just as bleak and evil fall from the heavens, the source of rain or shine is not the matter.

Look both ways. Is the artist the art?
Do we choose birth circumstances?
Mind the gaps but judge wisely and care deeply.


Antique illustration: Cangue, Tcha

13 thoughts on “Monday’s Rune: Into every life…

  1. We really are a judgy people, aren’t we? We judge and are judged based on our economic circumstances, choice of living space, birth, wealth, job, etc.
    We are quick to congratulate those who broke free from miserable means and look down on those who fucked up and fell down.
    As for the artist vs the art – that is a fine question… There are artists of renown whose works I do not enjoy. Am I supposed to like it because he/she is famous? Am I supposed to snub the artist who is just starting out but whose works I find beautiful?
    Making me work this morning!

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    1. Good morning, Dale.
      This was inspired by the reactions of music critic who changed his opinion of a singer’s music when he learned that she was born into an upper middle class family. He was being hypocritical, in my opinion, with reverse snobbery. 🙂
      Thanks for the thoughtful comment. 🙂

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      1. Good morning, Bill.
        That is ridiculous. So did his opinion change in favour for or against the singer, based on her birth? It is absolutely hypocritical.
        Just because they have means, it means they cannot have dreams? So what if they are not starving artists and they have a head start (for all we know, their family is not cool with their choice anyway). If they suck, they suck. But if they’re good, then what? We have to like them because they come from a family of good-standing? ‘Tis hogwash, I tell ya! 😉

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