Sammi’s Weekender #295 (loquacious)

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Sing It!

With a repertoire
hundreds of songs long, mostly bogarted
from other featherbeds,
(mock, yeah, -ing, yeah)—
as you plagiarize music from lesser songsters,
some people think you’re twenty other birds,
you, my constant yardbird companion,
the most loquacious of creatures
king of harassing selfish bullies,
the loneliest of bellowing bachelors,
master of many colored personalities
tempting ladies who want
to buy me a mockingbird,
“and if that mocking bird don’t sing”
(for a proper mocker, no such thing)
“she gonna buy me a diamond ring.”

Look both ways in music and life.
Mind the gaps in the birds’ nests in the backyard bushes.


Certainly, one of the (if not THE) most famous of married couple duets, Mockingbird sung by Carly Simon and James Taylor. Mockingbird Lyrics & Music were originally by Inez & Charlie Foxx (Added lyrics by James Taylor).

6 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #295 (loquacious)

  1. What an intriguing poem, Bill 🙂 I read it then listened to your recording and enjoyed the wordplay. Then I heard the song and it made a lot more sense! I must admit I’m not familiar with either of these musicians but that is a great duet 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Sunra.
      That video was circa late 1970s.
      Oh, James and Carly are quite a story together, and each on his or her own has many more wild stories. Both did a lot of work and recording in London, James with the Beatles first record adventure, and Carly has had a long relationship with Mick Jagger. That included him singing backup on some of her recordings. But it is also history.

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