Sammi’s Weekender #277 (renege)

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Renegade Renegade

I was born into a world that no longer exists.
I was dealt this hand when my life began,
then and there.

Convinced, cajoled, and directed into treaties and agreements by threats, guilt,
intimidation, and false promises;
when given limited control, I reneged.

I wasn’t the liar. Not then.

As days pass, everything changes in us.
Regret and mind past gaps enough to make things right.
“For everything there is a season and a time….”

27 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #277 (renege)

      1. It’s busy, tell you what! Iain is moving out, my bedroom is being moved to the basement, my old 2nd fridge is out to the curb, my newish is becoming my second and being moved downstairs…
        Then, I have to finish packing up the rest of my cupboards because tomorrow morning, the container is being delivered at 5:30 and the demolition starts at 7… No rest for the wicked!

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      2. Oh wow. You have big home improvement plans. I recall you saying that was coming. You can write about “Demo Day”
        Wishing a pleasant and successful experience. 🙂

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      3. And happy Monday to you! I just went to bring the paper plans to my contractor. What a joy to see, once the walls are ripped out that the frame of a wall is wonky and there are illegal electrical shenanigans. Sigh.

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      4. Oh yes. That electrician messed with the electricals in every hose I ever owned, including this one when he or she must have worked for builder. LOL

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