Sammi’s Weekender #261 (outcry)

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Wile E. Ouch

Your eureka moments
profit humanoid fowl,
Acme Corporation’s
absurd Rube Goldberg.

Your genius villainized by beeps and
meeps of fictional freaks, your
brilliant magical art humorized
as you plummet from cliffs into smoking puffs,
or jumping, head driving through sandstone,
without defending outcry.

Only signs express frustrated hunger
flavored with lesser onomatopoeic
wisecracks of disrespect
from actor’s voices for characters
who seldom said a word.

Look both ways at heroes and villains.
Mind the gaps in the absurdly complex gadgets you order from Amazon,
delivered via Acme distribution.
And give a coyote a break sometimes.


(I’ve read that more people are harmed by flying golf balls and champagne corks than by coyotes.)


Click on Wylie E. Coyote to watch a few of the old cartoons, if you’re not familiar or just want to.


11 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #261 (outcry)

  1. Haha! Love your take! (How funny that fellow blogger, John, wrote his SoC piece and included the coyote and roadrunner.)
    And, to think todays kids don’t have the pleasure of watching these on Saturday mornings…

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