Monday’s Rune: Perfect People

logic died that day
you thoughtlessly
glanced away
and dropped the ball,

you crashed and burned,
faltered, spent,
stepped in it,
tripped over your own schwantz.

bathed in sweat and grime
you made this mess,
but you know what?

i stand with you
at your side
to share burdens.
what’s fallen to you is also on me
you kicked logic and reason
out the door, invited misery in.

let’s share glory,
pleasure, pain,
achievement, and failure
because we are us,
we are — not alone
with human foibles and frailties,
blessed by them, together.

Look both ways in love and friendship.
Take the tests and mind the gaps together.

6 thoughts on “Monday’s Rune: Perfect People

  1. Oh, does this resonate with me. We humans do have our foibles and moments. Lucky are we when we have someone who stands by us in those moments. It’s easy when all is wonderful but all the more precious when not.

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    1. Oh, good to hear that the poem worked for you, Dale. I was a bit concerned that the first few lines might too complain-ish. I like your comment. Thanks. 🙂

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      1. I think anyone in a good couple understands this one. That whole for better or worse, thing 😉
        And no, it did not at all. 🙂

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