Thursday’s Rune: Cotton Eyed Bull

I don’t see much shit
lying around where I live.
Some. But even dog poop gets
green bagged and dropped
into special green dog doo
safe deposit cans for the man
to stop and retrieve. What a job!

I like a thing, like a picture;
or I write a thing, like a poem,
just because I like it, or I want to.
No other reason. It has nothing to do
with any other motive or person.

I like a color cuz I do,
not because of where I went to school.
I write about things
because that is what comes out.
Be it dog, bull, or horse shit.

To be fair, it is often true that
there is a reason or emotion
pushing the words out or maybe
influencing my smelly choices.

But sometimes, it’s just
bull shit, or horse shit, and there is
a difference. Bull shit
is a downright lie, while
horse shit has a softer, roundish,
teasingly fibbish, straw element to it.

And sometimes it’s just a song and a dance.
“Where did you come from, where did you go?
Where did you come from, Cotton-Eyed Joe?”

Look both ways and watch where you step.
Mind the gaps in your cow pie-ology.


Gloss: it’s a stretch, but this poem was inspired by the song and country western dance, the Cotton Eyed Joe. The song, said to be over 200 years old, likely originated in the USA South with black slaves before the Civil War. Over the years there have been more than 130 recorded versions of the song. During the modern line dance, people are encouraged to yell Bull shit while shaking same from their boots.

Cow or bull

Photos I took while visiting my daughter and SIL’s ranchette, which pastures horses, cattle, cats, jennies, and more.


A version as Cotton “Eye” Joe by the Swedish Eurodance group Rednex. There are other Rednex videos just as crazy.

17 thoughts on “Thursday’s Rune: Cotton Eyed Bull

  1. Inspiration comes from whatever it comes from (stretched or not!)
    Who’d a thunk dung could be inspirational? Then again, when one looks at the quantity of poo=poo jokes…
    You were right, this is a fun one! Yeee hawwww!

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      1. It’s funny. I go back and think, other than just blah-blahing with my posts, nothing really has changed and yet am told that my writing has improved. So. Who am I to judge?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I doubt if my first drafts are any better. But I have learned to rewrite better and to edit more carefully. I also know what my weaknesses are and I try to watch for them. But there is nothing like hitting ‘post’ and then reading it one more time for me to see my mistakes. 🙂

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      3. Proof how much of a writer I am not: Rewrite? Edit? Proof? Not so much. I’m mostly a stream of conscious kinda gal. I do reread to check but no major changes happen. Then again, when I get into those poetry challenges, then I struggle, I putz around, change things, rewrite, throw away, despair, come back, try again….
        I usually do see my mistakes AFER I post! Sigh.

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      4. You may have to accept the possibility that you are a good writer from the get go.

        For me to write even a marginal poem fit to any classical style with good rhythm and rhyme would take a long time with much mind work. I only write about 2 or 3 poems a week, if I include Sammi’s Weekender. I know peeps don’t like long poems, so I try to keep it short (stick the landing as r.douglas says).

        An essay, or any prose takes me days or weeks as I try to say what I think I want to communicate. My edit process is elaborate resulting in many drafts. Those are always read by my grammar Nazi wife and even the final draft will have some corrections for punctuation or word choice.

        I read that Christopher Hitchens, while more than a bit under the influence, could write a 2,000 word essay during lunch without error, send it to Vanity Fair, and it would be published virtually as written, In my dreams!

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      5. Bah…

        It’s true… long poems can be tiresome. Not all, of course. And writing poems in any classical styles takes so much work (I’m too lazy). It’s not a natural genre to me, though I do occasionally push myself to at least try.

        I suppose when one writes with a purpose, it is different than the written diarrhea I write! I just share and put it out there for no reason other than to do it.

        Wow. The Mozart of writers was Hitchens (I’ve not heard of him).

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