Thursday Rune (Kip)

Temporary Friendships

I never understood him.
He told me things,
as others have,
where truth
may have been shaved,
distorted, or it was not
exactly as it was.

He was my roommate,
at times a friend,
but solid ground
did not bridge us
for very long after
I went one way,
he another.

Many silent years later,
Yolonda found Kip.
Living in Florida,
where he has since died.

It’s hard to say
what matters,
so many years later.
I wonder what
I saw then, that
I cannot recall now.

Look both ways but mind the gaps.
Hold on to dreams and memories. But sometimes,
I wish I knew then what I now know. At other times,
I wish we didn’t know now what I didn’t know then.

5 thoughts on “Thursday Rune (Kip)

  1. I like to think it doesn’t matter to recall the whys and whats of a person’s passage in our life – when we look back, I mean. That you do remember, means he left a small mark on your life line. I imagine if the person did you wrong, you would remember that.
    Funny, my father’s brother’s nickname was Kippy. Hopefully dead and buried in some pauper’s lot. He was not a good man.

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    1. A long time ago on a planet far, far away. I can’t say Kip ever did any harm to me. I married his GF, but he was okay with that. I wish I understood things and people better.

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      1. I am glad that he didn’t and I figure that was the case… And hey, if he was okay with you marrying his GF, then he’s a good egg 😉
        Some are just not meant to be understood.
        Speaking of which, I am currently reading Jonathan Franzen’s latest (I might have already mentioned that) called “Crossroads” – and for a non church-goer like me, all it is doing is confirming that I am right to stay away. There is not a single likable character! The main pastor is top of the icky list! Good reading, though 😉

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