dVerse Quadrille 131 (juke)

A 44-word poem using juke.

Honky Tonk Attitude

Joe Diffie sang it differently.
Prop him beside the jukebox,
but now what?
Joe died last year.

A pre-delta
corona virus victim.

And we got no jukes.
All the bars were closed.

Joe’s gone to heaven,
I s’pose they got
him a good jukebox.

Look both ways, mind the gaps,
and be careful what you wish for.


From dVerse. Click here to play or read.

36 thoughts on “dVerse Quadrille 131 (juke)

  1. irony, what?

    oy, sad in the passing, and I guess he probably did not get his wish.
    i am glad to see a few of them opening up, and watering holes opening
    to wet our whiskers for music and a libation or two…

    sobering a bit.

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  2. Things are opening up in our city, thank heaven. 500 mile race and NBA finals drew large crowds, and life seemed almost normal again.

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  3. So sad to hear about his passing but the image of the jukebox in heaven made me smile. We are starting to loosen up with the restrictions here in Canada but still careful about the variants. Thanks for joining in!

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  4. So sad about his death, but I smiled at his jukebox in the afterworld. I suppose some people live on through their music (or art, words, etc.).
    We’ve been going out more and seeing some friends, but we’re still trying to be careful.

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  5. Very nicely done. Sorry we lost Joe. I remember Willy singing that one also! That song came to mind with this Prompt also. And Bubba Shot the Juke Box last night…
    Great poem.

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