Sammi’s Weekender #179 (Lucid)

Please move closer to me,
feel chilled air,
warmed radiant love,
skin against skin,
two pools of passion.

Feel me, touch me, taste me,
lucid reality packed with
lost memories so real as we
dance by the luminous light of
a harvest moon.


She thought his bright sun made her shine.
But it was his darkness that illuminated her beauty.
Look both ways into days and nights.
Mind the gaps, sunshine or moonlight.
Give thanks for those who make us look good.


11 thoughts on “Sammi’s Weekender #179 (Lucid)

  1. I agree with Dale and Rochelle on this one. Beautiful and sensual poem. The song Rochelle linked is one of my favorites too. But I think the lines that follow your poem are more telling, about the darkness and the light.

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  2. Yep, sho’nuff sultry Bill, but the real undressing is …”But it was his darkness that illuminated her beauty.” And since were playing mix-tape your poem, I offer

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