Poetry: Sammi’s Weekender #169 (misanthrope)

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Love and hate, two words
once pithy
now made windy by insincerity,
like sorry or mea culpa (my bad)
to keep some false shallow peace.

Apologies mean little as expressing
regret where no fault or damage was done,
ad infinitum. I’m sorry,
but I’m so not sorry.

No, I don’t love that man nor hate that one,
love does not conquer all without wisdom,

or discernment of the scorpion’s sting.
Call me misanthrope if you like,
or cantankerous skeptic.
I like some people, hate others,
present company excepted.

Words with meaning and grace
make life tolerable. Nothing is perfect.


Look both ways, into self and judging others.
Mind the gaps of deception.

31 thoughts on “Poetry: Sammi’s Weekender #169 (misanthrope)

  1. Brilliantly penned, Bill. So much truth in your words, as I interpret them. There is so much miscommunication these days through text and social media. Words take on even more meaning. The majority of personal conflict is a result of differing communication styles. As poets at least we can throw our words to the wind and let them land where they may. 😊

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    1. Thank you, Rochelle.

      I object with, “But I’m a nice guy.” They giggle softly and reply, “Of course you are, Bill.” 🙂 (sincerely?)




  2. I just realised I didn’t send my reply to this brilliant prose filled with truisms.
    My bad is so flippant and I love you seems to come out of everyone’s (okay, I exaggerate) mouth so easily.
    No way you can convince me you are anywhere near a misanthrope.

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      1. So you had me googling (illiterate that I am…)
        And guess what? Social butterfly that I am. People person that I am? Have my days, too.

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      2. Never.
        You are a cheerful, bright shining light, and an example for us all. Well….except for leaving work that one day. 🙂
        I hope you’re having a marvelous weekend.


      3. Haha!
        I do have my moments – my family would be more than happy to tell you!
        I’m sitting here at said work. Woe-is-me-ing when I note it is but 3 pm. 4.5 hours left and I’ve been here since 7:15. Tomorrow is my first Saturday 😉

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      4. Yanno that expression “Be careful what you wish for”? Well I thought it would be cool to do my full week in three days. Course, I didn’t take into account such a physical job… Ah well… October 15 is right round the corner!

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  3. You express this very well. We have become a sorry society, having to apologize for this tiniest misstep. What ever happened to frees peach! Looks like its only free when you talk about me, but not if I talk about you! Very sad!

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  4. A tolerable life, it is a good start, meaning and grace are a good salve. Love does, I think, win- even if it does not always conquer? I don’t know- but I think so. Ah yes, the gaps, what course does caution prescribe? I think to face another day, garner what joy there is, spread some of it where you can. This poem has sent some my way, reflective and soft around the edges. I think everything will be fine. 🙂

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