Poetry: Peace Be With You


Dark Night Warrior

I love the common, the warm blanket of peace,
the soft whispers of a perfect and quiet day,
the calm of nature, birds, and other people
smiling and loving and happy.

But the Dark Night of thunder and storm,
of lightning and wind and rain excites me.
I feel more alive in a storm than safe
in the banal aspects of a sheltered existence.

My every dream is a warlike challenge
of attacks and kills and fights to a death.
Even mine.
What warrior is content to watch the battle?
Half of me belongs to the night, the dark.

I believe in war, combat, risk, and battle.
Bore me not with stories of contentment.
Challenge me with fear and excitement
before I die from fucking fattened monotony.

Look both ways and ask what kind of existence you want.
The gaps?
Oh yes, there are always the gaps to mind.

30 thoughts on “Poetry: Peace Be With You

  1. I enjoyed the contrast in this poem, from the love of the common and quiet to the thrill and excitement of storms and war. We humans want it all! Reminds me to be careful what I wish for 🤗 At the moment I’m trying to revel in the quiet of winter snow, but I find myself with cabin fever!
    A new favorite poem for me! Bravo 😊

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  2. My Grandad was fighting in Salonika from 1914 to 1918. When he fully recovered from the Spanish Flu, he joined the Royal Air Force, serving from 1919 to 1947 (in Baghdad and the Punjab) . All his stories were funny ones– I think he liked the excitement and danger too.

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  3. This is absolutely stellar! Especially resonate with; “What warrior is content to watch the battle?
    Half of me belongs to the night, the dark.”💝

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    1. I wonder at the wisdom of the thrill of hunting other humans. I contemplate the sublimation that has to happen in order make it happen. It is necessary, evil. and so unnecessary both. I think I see the irony in this poem, I hope I do. But the imperatives of a world where we use are human resources to hunt each other to either grab or defend. what a world. well written.

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  4. The wild of the thunder storm in the night vs the mundane sunny day. Interesting poem and expression of feelings here. It’s all about one’s perspective perhaps. Now in our early 70s, my husband suffered a 6-minute cardiac arrest on October 14, 2013. Not a heart attack. His heart just stopped. For 6 minutes. He was on life-support in the CICU…body temperature lowered and on a paralytic drug to keep him from shivering…to protect his brain. October 19, he walked back across the street, the two blocks from the hospital to where we live, 100% cognitively ok. Only 5% of those who suffer a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital live. Only 5% of those 5% come out of it 100% cognitively okay. We treasure a boring mundane life….every moment of it. Those 5 days were enough excitement, enough of a war, a challenge, a hell to live through, to last a lifetime. I guess it’s all in one’s perspective.

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    1. Answering from ICU following heart procedure. This Fernando is also grateful for life. Thanks. Good to hear that all is well for y’all.


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