Poetry — NaPoWriMo: Good Morning, Tranquility

The day 10 poem prompt of the 2018 National Poetry Writing Month challenge was for me to write a poem of simultaneity – in which multiple things are happening at once.



Good Morning, Tranquility

Predawn Texas morning – calm, quiet, and peaceful.

I stepped with book and pen in hand, intent to sit on my east-facing back porch
To write that day’s first words, reflections and feelings, my plans for the day.
With a fresh warm coffee in hand, I was ready to enjoy a morning so tranquil.

My goal was to write three wonderful pages of peaceful wisdom.
There I sat, sipped, watched, and listened — as our world awakened.

Words and ink began to flow across those pages of my life,
As Darkness gave Dawn her way to wake daytime creatures.

To the sounds, the sights, and the odors of this day, peppered with life.
Progress nearby with its beeps and bangs and the growls of combusting engines,
The calls of birds, alive and awake, their chirps and their tweets.
The calls grew more and more in number and volume.

The Sun looked at me, at us, as it overcame Dawn with its brilliance.
More sound – and now sights and more signs of life.
Banal, repetitive, annoying coos and the uninspiring grunts of the doves.
Friends walking and talking too loud for my liking.
Move on, Sir. Is he deaf, Dear Lady? I am not. Not yet.

More birds, more doves, then cars and trucks grinding tires into the pavement.
Buy a damn working muffler, Buddy, for Christ’s sake. Will ya?

A gentle breeze. I am so hopelessly distracted.

Good morning world. Good Morning life.

I love life.

Good morning, My Morning Pages.

(Bill Reynolds, 4/10/2018)


Listen to the sounds of life and progress as you look both ways.
Mind the silence of the gaps.


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6 thoughts on “Poetry — NaPoWriMo: Good Morning, Tranquility

  1. I just read this one this morning, Bill, and found I’d echoed your thoughts, albeit much less sweetly and poetically, in last night’s speedwriting exercise. Nice way to open my day.

    Liked by 1 person

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