Ode to Rain: Epistle of Love

My love, my Rain.
I pine to feel your life-giving touch,
Your cool caressing embrace; ah, and this –
to hear those rippling and rapping sounds of your rhythmic voice.
I want those old feelings you once brought to me,
that I may again enjoy your aqueous presence. Indeed, to rejoice.

I miss familiar coolness, that softness you bring to the heat of the day,
as you contrast sky with clouds, and you paint the blue away,
I miss feeling peaceful and calm as my senses delight
when you gently fall over a long summer’s night –
I excite in anticipation of your first drop, with your sweet dripping touch;
shower me, Miss, in the pleasures of your cool moist mist,
no less than my heavenly reward, is when you’re ever-so saucy,
and you graze on my skin as it covers my body.

Please drip me with precip, wonderful Rain. My friend, my lover;
bring into my thoughts your kiss from above,
be in my dreams. Sing your sweet soaked song to me.
You, the essence of life, as you always will be,
preciously close, come here with me, this life is ours.
Bring me your gifts of awareness and pleasure,
of consciousness, gratitude, and love me forever.
Where are you Rain? I miss you too much!

Playfully poke me with your pluvio-pleasures.
Show me your ways with nature’s wet treasures.
Sprinkle your affection all over this heart you bless;
Taste me. I’ll feel you near. I yearn for your watery caress,
glide across my eyes and down on my face, go hide
under my clothes, cover my body as you slide.
Touch me, dear Rain, where no one else can.
Where are you now? Fall here on your man.

Sing me your songs; play me your drum!
Match to my heartbeat, your musical rhythm
and the welcome-home tapping of your wet little dance.
Tell me with distant rumblings, per chance
how you save the world, how you knew
the first life. You created all that is true.
Sing softly as you send water over me
as you finally wash my misery to sea.

From clouds you descend, mixing torrent with nature,
as I take into my body your mischievous essence.
Allow me a smile as I acknowledge your substance,
into my heart, I take your sensuous vapor.
Into you, I ply my being, stroking romance with your scent.
Cascade over me. Where are you falling?
My lovely, loving Rain? You are heaven-sent.
Plunge decadent raindrops to wash and to ease
my dry scorched body to ebb away my gloom.

With dew-moist feet, we dance into the night. We breeze
through those puddles of love that share our delights.
Happily we move with bushes and leaves of the trees.
We delightfully smile at all the night lights,
seeing your wondrous mysterious intrigue.
Invitingly, I see in the distant dark sky,
your distinct flickering lightning, drawing me nigh.
Come closer to me, be with me Rain, rain and rain.
Mix with these gentle breezes again.
My Love, My Rain…I miss you. Come, wash away this bane.

Bill Reynolds 8/10/2017

Look both ways for the rain, rain, to come and play.
We’ll find the sun another day.
Mind the dry gap and wear sunscreen.

Footnote: I really do miss the rain. I moved to the PNA (partly) because it rains often. We have now officially shattered the old days-without-rain record (51), now at 55 days with no rain, and counting. If I wanted this shit, I would have moved to freaking Arizona.

10 thoughts on “Ode to Rain: Epistle of Love

  1. We live in NH. We have your rain, and are holding it hostage. We will be using it for quite some time, due to our four month drought last summer (55 days? piffle. we laugh at 55 days) that took its toll on 100 year old maples and fruit trees. However, we are willing to ship all the snow you want, as soon as we get some–and considering the way this summer is behaving, that could be any time after October 1st.

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    1. At least now we know what the problem is. Too add to the misery, smoke and smog (due to wildfires) keeps the air well polluted. Send snow to the Cascades in about a month or so. Good timing.


      1. You got our first snow. Watch your mailbox for it. =) I can empathize with that lack of rain. You get used to it, the trees expect it, and suddenly it’s just not there. It’s a dreadful helpless feeling.

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  2. I love rain, too. Although, after reading your ode, it seems you love rain more than I. 🙂 Lovely piece, well done. I can feel the yearning.

    My husband said it rained overnight Thursday, but I don’t actually believe him. I got up an hour after him and I saw no evidence. I think it was dew. They’ve said we were gonna get rain for WEEKS now, and not a drop to be seen here at home. It seems to keep blowing over. I miss it, too.

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    1. It is supposed to rain here after midnight. I wonder if I would get in trouble if I got up at 1 or 2 AM and went out in it. If it wakes me up, I may go out for a visit. I know the poem was a little over the top, but when you are “Pluvio Lover”, whatcha gunna do?

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