Poem: Mortality

Apparently, like so many things in life, sometimes it just ain’t happenin’. So, with my apologies, here is more poetic driveling twaddle by this old flapdoodle.

by Bill Reynolds

Life gives us surprises – good news and bad.
William who wrote, and he basically said
Nothing is good, nor is it so bad, somewhere I read,
We judge it to be. It’s all in our head.

Not our thinking to make it, ‘tis just what we do.
In the mind’s eye, does yours see it too?
Let’s take on this life, with its up and its downs.
Bring it on now, I’ll return parts not used.

What has no beginning and nothing for end?
Every life, it seems, must continually mend.
Then, it concludes with a message to send,
Forever can deal with what’s left in the end.

Mortality saves me from losing more friends,
Our state of reality gives a second great worth,
Listen again to sounds long ago penned,
To be in a life, since the time of our birth.

While all this must end, it’s all that we have,
So live to the best, and into eternity send,
We played with the good along with the bad,
No one will ask, after we’re gone,
To return all happiness and fun that we had.

Let’s live it to the fullest, defiant to the end.
But, look both ways, no need to rush it.
Mind the gaps, too.

11 thoughts on “Poem: Mortality

  1. A friend of mine says that you have to write all of it, good and bad, and he sees poetry as beads on a string; even though you have a howler of a poem, it needs to come out, be put to paper, (and maybe three or four more false starts and omgs as well) in order to let the good stuff out. Write it all. We’re tough. We can take it.

    This rhymes, it scans, it keeps track of itself. That in itself is pretty good.

    and stop apologizing. I’ve seen lots worse passed off as real poetry, including one man who wrote (and was praised for it) about a porcupine swinging from tree to tree with his prehensile tail…

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    1. Thanks, Judy. I had to shelf the one I was working. Maybe next Sunday. If I was not committed to publish today, I would have kept working on it. But I am grateful for your reliable and cheerful encouragement.

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  2. I agree with Judy. This is a heartfelt poem and very relatable. You’ve unmasked a spiritual truth,…” every life, it seems must continually mend”. Well done my friend!

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  3. This poem really spoke to me… especially the verse about learning from our mistakes. I am touched by how you can put such powerful words on paper.

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